The Debate With Phyllis Schlafly

The Debate With Phyllis Schlafly

This is the video of Dave’s March 1 debate with conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly regarding whether states should consider calling for a national convention to consider amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

Part I of the debate:

Part II of the debate:

One thought on “The Debate With Phyllis Schlafly

  1. Thank you very much for posting these videos. There was a lot of food for thought in there.

    I’m thinking that it is better to educate the populace and encourage the states to get their financial houses in order. That way, they can not only refuse money from the federal government, but can also refuse to provide tax money to the federal government until it confines itself to it’s constitutional limits.

    It’s a much longer and more tedious road than a Constitutional convention would be,(And in our “I want it now” culture, that’s a significant challenge.) but it would almost certainly be more sustainable and stable than a convention.

    Once again, I thank youfor posting these.

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