Dave Makes a Studio Visit To Truth Matters

Dave Makes a Studio Visit To Truth Matters

Dave took a break from preparing for next Tuesday’s Missouri Supreme Court argument to talk about the Freedom Center’s work with the Harned brothers in St. Charles. Take a peek inside the making of a podcast!

One thought on “Dave Makes a Studio Visit To Truth Matters

  1. Don’t miss the full, polished audio podcast as well! A great show with a superb guest with intellect galore!
    Truth Matters – Abolish All Lawyers – Except THIS One!
    Dave Roland from the Freedom Center of Missouri is In the House.
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    There’s never been a more important time to understand Constitutional Law, and tonite, Truth Matters takes the time to to showcase Dave Roland, from the Freedom Center of Missouri. Don’t miss out on the update of the Girl Scout Cookie Sales situation more and be sure to review all of The Freedom Center of Missouri’s activities and research information. Great stuff! This episode of Truth Matters was recorded live at The 2GuysTalking East Studio in St. Charles, MO.

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