The Latest on the Girl Scout Cookie Case

The Latest on the Girl Scout Cookie Case

Yesterday the Freedom Center participated in the first hearing in our battle to make the City of Hazelwood safe for Girl Scout cookie sales! The city’s four high-priced attorneys are asking the judge to force the girls to go before the city’s Board of Zoning Adjustment before the court makes any rulings as to what the city’s law really means and whether that law is constitutional. We showed St. Louis County Judge Maura McShane that the Missouri Supreme Court has on several occasions said that there is no need to involve the Board of Zoning Adjustment in cases like this, and we hope that she will allow the case to proceed without unnecessary delay. She said that she would rule on this issue in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, you can check out all of the news coverage at the links below!

Dave Roland’s commentary, published at Yes, But, However

KSDK Channel 5 News – St. Louis

Riverfront Times (first story)

Riverfront Times (second story) (post written by friend of the Freedom Center Bob McCarty)

KMOX/CBS – St. Louis

2 thoughts on “The Latest on the Girl Scout Cookie Case

  1. Our country really has lost it. When the police and zoning boards and courts, not to mention “high priced attorneys” must get involved in kids learning about the “Free” Market System, I see little hope for us as a Nation.

    Somehow we must rise up and demand that BS laws like this get removed from the books. Where has our common sense gone?

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