Freedom Center Files Latest Brief in Animal Husbandry Appeal

Freedom Center Files Latest Brief in Animal Husbandry Appeal

The Freedom Center is happy to announce that the briefing stage of Brooke Gray’s Animal Husbandry Freedom appeal is now complete.  The Western District Court of Appeals is expected to put this case on its docket for oral argument some time next February or March.

In our Reply Brief (below) we point out the numerous falsehoods, mischaracterizations, and absurdities of the argument the Attorney General’s Office included in their brief.  We believe that we have a compelling, well-supported argument – now we just hope that we get judges who know anything about life on a farm!

One thought on “Freedom Center Files Latest Brief in Animal Husbandry Appeal

  1. I was reading in the STL Post about this case. Although the article is a couple years old, I found it odd that there was a statement against Ms. Gray for having her clients sign a consent form to do the dentistry. The statement was that vets do not require their clients to sign a consent form to perform any equine dentistry. I’ll beg your pardon, but DR. Tom Allen of Patterson, MO DOES have his clients sign a consent form! ( Dr. Tom Allen is a licensed vet that does ONLY equine dentistry (, but his expertise should not be much different or superior than that of a person who attends the proper training and certification (yes, some states allow for equine dentistry certification).

    Being a former vet tech, I have heard numerous complaints from the equine vet I worked for about those who practiced equine dentistry without being a vet. It wasn’t for the concern of the animals, but rather, the concern that someone else was stepping in one their territory and taking their potential money. I heard it numerous times “these tooth fairy people didn’t have to go to school to learn this stuff. I had to pay big bucks to know how to do this. They shouldn’t be allowed to do dentals if I HAD to go to school to learn.”

    As with almost anything these days, it’s about the money and greed, just as one of the vets implied in the article when he noted that he saw a decrease in his clientele since the original proceedings.

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