Press Coverage of Brooke Gray’s Case

Trial has now concluded in Brooke Gray's Animal Husbandry Freedom case! In fifteen days the Attorney General's Office will submit its first brief, then we'll have fifteen additional days to write a Response Brief, then the Attorney General will have ten days for a Reply Brief. And after that, we wait to see what the judge decides. One exciting bit of news is that our case represented Missouri … [Read more...]

Animal Husbandry on Trial

On Monday, September 26, Brooke Gray will go on trial because the Missouri Veterinary Medical Board says it is illegal for non-veterinarians to provide basic animal husbandry services for animal owners. This determination could completely disrupt the way animal agriculture is done in the state of Missouri, as farmers and ranchers have always been able to seek help from neighbors or hired hands … [Read more...]

Two More Filings at the Missouri Supreme Court

Earlier this week the Freedom Center filed documents related to two of our cases with the Missouri Supreme Court. The first filing addresses the Court's opinion in our recent Kansas City Premier Apartments case. While the majority determined that at least part of KCPA's speech was forbidden by state law and not protected under the First Amendment, it also said that KCPA would be exempt from … [Read more...]

The Government War On Kid-Run Concession Stands

View Local Restrictions on Kid-Run Concession Stands in a larger map LEGEND: Red = Town has previously shut down kid-run concession stands. Yellow = Town says kid-run concession stands are illegal unless the kids obtain at least one city permit. Green = Town permits kid-run concession stands without requiring any permits. June 8, 2015 - The Chief of Police in little Overton, Texas, informed … [Read more...]

Missouri Supreme Court Opinion in KCPA v. MREC

[Read more...]

Missouri Supreme Court: Government May Criminalize Truthful, Harmless Information

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 19, 2011 CONTACT: Dave Roland, (314) 604-6621 Missouri Supreme Court: Government May Criminalize Truthful, Harmless Speech St. Louis, Missouri—On July 19 the Missouri Supreme Court issued its opinion in Kansas City Premier Apartments v. Missouri Real Estate Commission, in which it upheld a state law that criminalizes the communication of truthful, harmless … [Read more...]

FCMo Update – June 2011

Friends of the Freedom Center, It would almost be funny if it wasn't true, but the Big Government war on lemonade stands continues. As we have said from the day we filed our Cookie Stand case, the Mills family and the Freedom Center of Missouri are on the cutting edge of an issue with important national implications. To the best of our knowledge, no one else in the country has taken it upon … [Read more...]

Brooke Gray Moves For Summary Judgment

From the first day that she found out that the Missouri Veterinary Medical Board was attempting to deprive her of her right to earn a living, Brooke Gray has insisted that the Board was failing to comply with the very statute it claimed as authority for its lawsuit. Today, Ms. Gray formally asked the trial court to address this issue and to grant summary judgment in her favor. Read her arguments … [Read more...]

Consent of the Governed Rally – January 5, 2011

This is the video of Dave's talk at the Consent of the Governed Rally, held at the State Capitol in Jefferson City on January 5, 2011: … [Read more...]

Economic Freedom Presentation

This is a presentation Dave offered at the November 22, 2010, Economic Freedom Conference hosted by the Eureka Tea Party. Part I: Part II: … [Read more...]