VICTORY: Court of Appeals Rejects Secretary of State’s Unlawful Power Grab

On Thursday, June 19, 2014, a three judge panel of the Missouri Court of Appeals unanimously ruled that Secretary of State Jason Kander overstepped his authority by refusing to list Natalie A. Vowell as a candidate to serve the 78th District in the Missouri House of Representatives. The appellate ruling reversed a trial court’s decision […]

Court: State May Deny Animal Husbandry Workers’ Constitutional Right to Enjoy Gains of Their Own Industry

Missouri’s Western District Court of Appeals ruled today that the state can make it a criminal offense for non-veterinarians to provide basic animal husbandry services to Missouri’s livestock owners. Noting that the Missouri Veterinary Medical Board had threatened criminal prosecution against a wide range of animal husbandry workers, including those engaged in such common, basic […]

Freedom Center Files Latest Brief in Animal Husbandry Appeal

The Freedom Center is happy to announce that the briefing stage of Brooke Gray’s Animal Husbandry Freedom appeal is now complete.  The Western District Court of Appeals is expected to put this case on its docket for oral argument some time next February or March. In our Reply Brief (below) we point out the numerous falsehoods, […]

Freedom to Peaceably Assemble

Everyone knows that the First Amendment protects Americans’ freedom of speech, but it also protects our freedom to gather together for political purposes. On March 17, 2012, when citizens all over the state were gathering to choose delegates for Missouri’s state Republican convention, the St. Charles County Republican Caucus adjourned improperly without choosing delegates. Following […]

St. Louis County Court WILL Decide If Cities May Ban Kid-Run Concession Stands

We were pleasantly surprised that a St. Louis County judge quickly rejected the City of Hazelwood’s Motion to Dismiss, stating that the court will address the question of whether cities may prohibit kid-run concession stands. The judge’s three-page opinion, which clearly states that a city’s police powers may be broad they are not unlimited, may […]

Supreme Court Filing Exposes MREC Duplicity

The Freedom Center of Missouri has asked the United States Supreme Court to consider whether the First Amendment allows the Missouri Supreme Court to presume that government restrictions on speech are constitutional and to require the speaker to prove the law unconstitutional. The Missouri Attorney General’s Office responded to our Petition by trying to mislead […]

Cato Institute, Pacific Legal Foundation Support Kansas City Premier Apartments

On December 1, 2011, two venerable organizations in the Freedom Movement – the Cato Institute and Pacific Legal Foundation – joined forces to urge the U.S. Supreme Court to consider our Kansas City Premier Apartments case. We are extremely honored that these organizations believe in the importance of our case and that they were willing […]

Proposed Judgment in MVMB v. Brooke Gray

At the close of trial on September 27, 2011, Judge Chapman asked the attorneys to prepare proposed judgments – examples of what each of us believed his findings of fact and conclusions of law should look like. This Proposed Judgment is lengthy, but it is a thorough, carefully considered look at both the facts and […]

Freedom Center Files First U.S. Supreme Court Case!

Today the Freedom Center of Missouri asked the U.S. Supreme Court to review Kansas City Premier Apartments v. Missouri Real Estate Commission in order to clarify that whenever a citizen challenges a law that restricts speech protected by the First Amendment, the government must show substantial evidence proving why the restriction is necessary. Despite more […]

Press Coverage of Brooke Gray’s Case

Trial has now concluded in Brooke Gray’s Animal Husbandry Freedom case! In fifteen days the Attorney General’s Office will submit its first brief, then we’ll have fifteen additional days to write a Response Brief, then the Attorney General will have ten days for a Reply Brief. And after that, we wait to see what the […]