VICTORY: Freedom Center Uproots Petty Tyranny in Ferguson

Last night the Freedom Center of Missouri struck a blow for property rights, persuading the Board of Adjustment for the city of Ferguson, Missouri, to overturn the city’s determination that residents must get the City’s permission before cultivating gardens in their yards. The Freedom Center was representing Karl Tricamo, a resident who, inspired by the […]

City Officials in Ferguson Attempt to Bulldoze Citizens’ Rights, Gardens

Planting gardens is a practice as old as human civilization. During World War I and World War II it was even considered one’s patriotic duty to plant a “victory garden” in order to reduce food costs. In light of this history, Karl Tricamo never imagined that it would be especially controversial when he decided to […]

Lemonade for Liberty!

Warm weather has arrived and summer is around the corner, which means it is once again time for that Great American Pastime – shutting down little kids’ concession stands! (Check out this excellent five-minute film, “Lemonade Stand” by Bill Doherty, Jr.; thanks to Robert Fernandes at for bringing it to our attention.) If you […]

St. Louis County Court WILL Decide If Cities May Ban Kid-Run Concession Stands

We were pleasantly surprised that a St. Louis County judge quickly rejected the City of Hazelwood’s Motion to Dismiss, stating that the court will address the question of whether cities may prohibit kid-run concession stands. The judge’s three-page opinion, which clearly states that a city’s police powers may be broad they are not unlimited, may […]

Hazelwood: If Court Ignores Constitutional Arguments, Maybe They Will Go Away

Hazelwood continues to argue that kids should not be allowed to sell Girl Scout cookies from their own front yard and that the courts should refuse to hear the Freedom Center’s constitutional arguments. Isn’t it time the city just accepted that there is no good reason to prevent this traditional, harmless use of property?

Hear The Freedom Center Defend The Right To Bear Arms

For those who were not able to attend the January 18 City Council meeting in Chesterfield, you can now hear Dave Roland go mano-a-mano with those who believe that the right to bear arms does not include the right to fire those weapons. ¬†If you don’t know what all the fuss is about, click here. […]

Chesterfield Threatening to Strip Citizens of Right to Defend Property

The City of Chesterfield is considering a new ordinance that would allow citizens to be punished for discharging a firearm in defense of their homes. Dave Roland recently offered testimony to the City Council (below,) pointing out that the Missouri Constitution explicitly states that “the right of every citizen to keep and bear arms in […]

If You Don’t Know Anything About The Freedom Center…

Jenifer and Dave recently gave a presentation for a Concerned Women for America meeting at which they explained what the Freedom Center is all about. ¬†Fortunately, our friend Alex Rife was there to film the presentation so that we can now make it available for anyone who wants to learn more about the constitutional ideals […]

Animal Husbandry on Trial

On Monday, September 26, Brooke Gray will go on trial because the Missouri Veterinary Medical Board says it is illegal for non-veterinarians to provide basic animal husbandry services for animal owners. This determination could completely disrupt the way animal agriculture is done in the state of Missouri, as farmers and ranchers have always been able […]

Freedom Center Asks Judge to Reconsider Dismissal of Cookie Stand Freedom Lawsuit

On Monday, September 12, the Freedom Center of Missouri asked a St. Louis County judge to reconsider her decision to dismiss one of its cases. This lawsuit asks whether Hazelwood, Missouri, has violated its citizens’ constitutionally-protected property rights by prohibiting kids from selling cookies from a temporary stand in their own driveway. The judge’s original […]