VICTORY: Trial Judge Acquits Ron Paul Supporter of Bogus Criminal Trespass Charges

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                                CONTACT: Dave Roland August 1, 2012                               […]

VICTORY: Freedom Center Uproots Petty Tyranny in Ferguson

Last night the Freedom Center of Missouri struck a blow for property rights, persuading the Board of Adjustment for the city of Ferguson, Missouri, to overturn the city’s determination that residents must get the City’s permission before cultivating gardens in their yards. The Freedom Center was representing Karl Tricamo, a resident who, inspired by the […]

Three Looming Questions in St. Peters

One week from today Brent Stafford will go to trial in the St. Peters Municipal Court, facing charges of criminal trespassing stemming from his arrest in the wake of the St. Charles County Republican Caucus on March 17, 2012. Several things about this case are perfectly clear.  First, it is clear that those committee members […]

Freedom to Peaceably Assemble

Everyone knows that the First Amendment protects Americans’ freedom of speech, but it also protects our freedom to gather together for political purposes. On March 17, 2012, when citizens all over the state were gathering to choose delegates for Missouri’s state Republican convention, the St. Charles County Republican Caucus adjourned improperly without choosing delegates. Following […]

Rally for Common Sense

The Freedom Center of Missouri would like to invite our friends to attend an exciting event coming up on May 19th – the Rally for Common Sense!  Our director of litigation, Dave Roland, is looking forward to being one of a very diverse array of nationally-promienent speakers, all of whom are passionate about constitutional principles. […]

St. Louis County Court WILL Decide If Cities May Ban Kid-Run Concession Stands

We were pleasantly surprised that a St. Louis County judge quickly rejected the City of Hazelwood’s Motion to Dismiss, stating that the court will address the question of whether cities may prohibit kid-run concession stands. The judge’s three-page opinion, which clearly states that a city’s police powers may be broad they are not unlimited, may […]

Hazelwood: If Court Ignores Constitutional Arguments, Maybe They Will Go Away

Hazelwood continues to argue that kids should not be allowed to sell Girl Scout cookies from their own front yard and that the courts should refuse to hear the Freedom Center’s constitutional arguments. Isn’t it time the city just accepted that there is no good reason to prevent this traditional, harmless use of property?

Freedom Center Testifies on Two Proposed Constitutional Amendments

The Freedom Center’s Director of Litigation, Dave Roland, spent his Valentine’s Day offering insight on two important constitutional amendments that the General Assembly is considering. The first proposal would eliminate one of Missouri’s Blaine Amendments which, as shown in this 8-page written testimony given to the legislators, sometimes require the government to deny religious citizens […]

Legislative Testimony on Occupational Licensing

On February 8, 2012, the Freedom Center submitted these five pages of testimony to the Missouri General Assembly, discussing the way that certain professional association’s lobbyists hoodwink legislators into passing laws that hurt consumers and deprive citizens of their right to earn a living in common occupations.

Hear The Freedom Center Defend The Right To Bear Arms

For those who were not able to attend the January 18 City Council meeting in Chesterfield, you can now hear Dave Roland go mano-a-mano with those who believe that the right to bear arms does not include the right to fire those weapons.  If you don’t know what all the fuss is about, click here. […]