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If you have a general inquiry about our organization, constitutional principles, or if you would like to arrange for Dave to speak at an event, feel free to reach out to us at the following contact information.


Freedom Center of Missouri

Phone: (573) 567-0307

Fax:  (573) 562-6122



If you think you may have a case that we should consider taking, please read our page about potential cases and send the requested information to  DO NOT call us about a potential case unless you have first submitted the information we have requested.

3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. The Janice and Carl Duffner issue. Not having all the information but if they started the non-grass yard prior to 2008 wouldn’t the ordinance be able to be challenged under the Missouri Constitution’s prohibition of Retrospective Laws?

    Just a thought. I think the retrospective clause is way under used in Constitutional challenges.

    1. This is an excellent question. The difficulty would be proving that, as of 2008, there was no grass in the yard. In the state court proceedings the City showed pictures that appeared to show grass in part of the yard around that time fram. Carl and Janice would have testified that the City was misinterpreting the photos – after all, some of the ornamental greenery they have planted looks similar to grass without actually being grass – but it really would boil down to what a judge wanted to believe. Not only would this be something of a gamble in terms of success, it would divert a ton of resources and attention that we really need to have focused on the constitutional issues that led us to take the case on in the first place.

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